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The Spa at Middlewick - a Review!

The Spa at Middlewick

Imagine my delight when I received a message from Jill at Middlewick earlier this week inviting me for lunch and a spa treatment at the new Spa at Middlewick! It tied in nicely with my first day of annual leave for half term and meant I had an excuse not to spend the day tidying the house ahead of half term as originally planned.

Upon arrival today, my friend Ellie and I were greeted by the lovely Inez who showed us to a cozy seating area around a log burner and offered us a coffee. I could have snuggled up on the sofa there all afternoon with a good book.

A lovely lunch was served, a good portion of vegetable lasagne, roasted veg and salad. Very healthy it was too, so I didn’t think twice when I was offered cake for dessert! Carrot Cake or gluten free Chocolate Brownie were on offer, both fantastic options in my book. I opted for the brownie and was very glad I did as it was delicious.

After lunch was some more relaxation and an amazing spa treatment, I opted for a massage. I received my treatment from Phoebe who made me feel so relaxed. The massage was excellent, and Phoebe certainly put her back and more into it!

Neither my friend or I are particularly experienced in the art of self-care or relaxation, we both tear around working hard and looking after our children. Today’s trip to the Spa at Middlewick was a perfect way to take time out in a beautiful setting and we have both vowed to make more opportunities for self-care.

Many thanks to the team at Middlewick for a lovely experience. I would highly recommend a trip to the Spa at Middlewick to anyone looking to take some time out for a bit of self-care and indulgence.