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“The People’s Ticket” proves successful for The Bishop’s Palace

The Bishop’s Palace is celebrating one year since the introduction of its new “People’s Ticket” which allows locals to visit all year round for just £15.

Created in response to the pandemic and the desire to encourage local people to enjoy this tremendous asset on their doorstep, the Palace had aimed to give a significant benefit to all those living in the area, whilst still keeping the site open for day trippers and tourists during the holiday season.

The ticket proved to be an immediate hit with thousands buying the pass in the first few months as the gardens reopened after the national lockdown.

Visitor Experience Manager Laura Richards said, “We were delighted to begin to welcome so many people who had lived in Wells all of their life but had felt that the Palace & Gardens were just for tourists! They have now realised that there is an oasis of beauty and peace right in the city centre that they can use as their own garden all year round for just £15.”

Comments have flooded in throughout the year thanking the Palace for their efforts in keeping the Gardens open for all to enjoy.

Visitor Julie Heath said “Thank you for everything you have done this year to bring a place of escape and tranquillity to our lives. It has made a real difference and we are grateful”.

Veronika Elks said “You have given so much joy to the community through this year. Bless you all.”

To date, the Palace has sold over 25,000 People’s Tickets and has this success has helped the organisation decide to keep the offering on a permanent basis. Staff at the Palace are keen to let all those who bought the tickets last year know that the offer is now ongoing, so locals can just pop in to renew their ticket when it expires, for the same price of just £15.

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