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Shop Somerset this Christmas

Shop Somerset this Christmas

One of my main reasons for starting The Mendips Rock was to support and promote local businesses. I am passionate about the area in which I live and very proud of the produce made here in Somerset. We have an abundance of weekly and monthly markets for which people travel from far and wide and some very bustling and vibrant high streets.

In order to add some credibility to my claim of wanting to support and promote local businesses I am challenging myself to shop locally for all my Christmas purchases.

This makes me excited and nervous in equal measure…. For any of my family reading this, get your requests in now!

For me this ‘shop local’ poses a few questions…

  1. Why do we need to shop locally?
  2. What does shopping locally actually mean?
  3. Can it be done on a limited budget for a large family?


The question of why we should shop locally seems pretty obvious, but there may be more reasons than you think.

The Guardian cited seven reasons to shop locally, here are a few:

It's good business!

It makes sense that if you spend your money locally the local economy will receive a boost. In fact, research by local authorities has shown that for every £1 spent in a local business, 63p stayed in the local community. This reduces to 40p staying in the local community for every £1 spent in a larger businesses. This research also found that towns with thriving high streets full of lively, popular independent businesses have seen big increases in the prices of nearby homes. Here in Somerset we have witnessed this in both Bruton and Frome!

The planet will thank you!

Shopping locally is the ethical choice, here is Somerset we are surrounded by rolling fields and agriculture. It just doesn’t make sense to buy produce which has been flown half way around the world wrapped in plastic when you can buy produce locally from the local butcher, baker or greengrocer. Which inevitably will be better quality as its journey has been shorter and will come with much less packaging. Plus, you will be spending locally which will boost the local economy!

Something different!

Rather than staring at the same aisles of toys, bubble bath plus container after container of chocolate this Christmas, you could pick up something different on your High Street or at the local market. When shopping in supermarkets we are all choosing from the same range day in day out. Shopping locally will offer you better choice, you can pick up something quirky. Pick up a product that is unique to your local area and support local artists, designers and food growers.

Read the full Guardian article HERE

WHAT? The planet will thank you!!

What does shopping locally actually mean? I guess everyone will have their own answer to this and a lot of it will depend on your geographical location. By the very nature of living in Somerset not many of us are too far away from a high street or a market town. So for the purposes of this quest shopping locally simply means I’ll be making my purchases in Somerset from (where possible) Somerset producers.


Well of course it can be done! However, can it be done on a limited budget…. for four children, ten nieces and nephews and five sets of grandparents and great grandparents. It will definitely make me focus on what I am spending and why, I have been guilty in the past of spending far too much and buying presents for my children that I know won’t interest them simply so they have ‘enough to open on the day’. I have finally come to the realisation that they are really luck children and between the grandparents they already have more than enough to open on the day!

Well, I’ll keep in touch and let you know!

Any ideas of where to shop do let me know, I’m looking for everything from Christmas Trees and wrapping paper to gifts, turkey, sprouts and Port.

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