Holiday Clubs in Glastonbury


With the holidays fast approaching we've started to gather up some holiday clubs in Glastonbury which offer fun and educational activities for children whatever the weather..

The holiday clubs and activity camps can help childcare headaches for parents who have to work, but also lots of these clubs have been put together with learning new skills and children's development in mind, letting kids come away with new skills learnt in a safe, supportive environment.

Featured Holiday Clubs in Glastonbury

St John's Infants - Holiday Club Glastonbury
The Holiday Club is run by Jumping Johns Nursery and is based in Caterpillar Room; which is one of the Nursery rooms. Caterpillar Room is on Archers Way next door to Glastonbury Library.

The Club is open to children aged between 2-11 years (Nursery-Year 6).
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Millfied Holiday Courses - Street
Millfield Holiday Courses welcome children to come together for an exciting mix of fun, laughter and new experiences. We run a wide variety of sports and activity courses during school holidays for children aged 2-17, some on a residential and some on a non-residential basis.
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Jabberwocky Kids Club
During school holidays Jabberwocky Kids Club offer full day Holiday Club activities.

This is a club for school kids. JKC explodes with ideas, tries constantly to top the things that have gone before and always takes on board the opinions of the kids who have made it a success over the years.

Activities Include:
Music and Dance
Forest School and Den Making
Science Experiments and Cooking
Craft and woodwork
Visits to local farm
Visits to local woodland area
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Do you know a great Holiday Club in Glastonbury that we're not talking about?

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