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Private Schools in Somerset

Private Schools in Somerset

If you are looking to send your child to a private school, Somerset has some of the finest in the country.

Parents will choose a private school for a variety of reasons, it can be to meet a particular need such as supporting children who have special educational needs or to harness a particular skill such as a musical or sporting talent.

Private schools also known as Independent schools charge fees for a child’s attendance, however there are many scholarship and bursary schemes available. The Independent Schools Council (ISC) brings together seven associations of private schools and represents over 1300 private schools both in the UK and overseas. The ISC is committed to widening access to private education and are making strenuous efforts to increase the amount they can offer in bursaries.

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Wells Cathedral School

The highly prestigious Wells Cathedral School has been in operation for over 1000 years. It has its foundations as a chorister school in AD909 when the Church of Wells was converted to a Cathedral, it is one of the oldest schools in Europe.

The school specialises in music and maths yet also boasts a strong provision in creative arts from dance to drama and art. There is also a wide range of competitive and recreational sports on offer.

Fully co-ed since 1969 and providing education from nursery years up to sixth form.

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Millfield School

In Millfield’s own words, ‘Millfield is an inspirational school where pupils are celebrated for who they are and encouraged to reach their personal best’.

Their vision is to be a world leader in the development of children. Set in over 100 acres of Somerset countryside in between the towns of Glastonbury and Street, the facilities found are unmatched in the UK.

Millfield School boasts an Olympic sized swimming pool, golf courses, indoor centres for tennis, golf and cricket, a state-of-the-art indoor equestrian centre, concert hall, recording studio, theatre, art gallery, hi-tech science block and outstanding teaching facilities and high-quality boarding accommodation.

Established in 1935, with six princes from India in attendance Millfield continues to provide exceptional all-round education.

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Bruton School for Girls

Bruton School for Girls offers a day school and boarding for girls aged 2 to 18. Their motto is ‘follow the gleam’, the gleam being our light of inner inspiration or the light that guides the pupils. The school was established in 1900 and provides a broad and exciting curriculum that if future fit, engaging with a wide range of extra-curricular activities to ensure the pupils have a health body and mind.

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All Hallows Preparatory School

All Hallows Preparatory School offers co-education provision for children at nursery age up to age 13 or year 8. All Hallows believe they provide something very distinctive as their pupil’s happiness and wellbeing is of paramount importance. Alongside outstanding academic opportunities in the classroom there is a fantastic programme of outdoor activities and sports, including a 9-acre forest school.

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