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Hypnobirthing with a Midwife

These sociable courses have just returned IN-PERSON after months of taking place virtually via Zoom! Everything is in place to keep you as safe and protected as possible…including the ability & experience to take the sessions virtual again if necessary.  

With everything you need to know to prepare for an amazing birth experience, Little Passengers provides engaging, down-to-earth group Hypnobirthing & Antenatal courses in both Bristol & Somerset. Imagine having a local practising midwife and mama-of-two as your guide and cheerleader throughout your sessions and up until the birth of your gorgeous baby! You’ll benefit from a full, absolutely balanced antenatal education PLUS invaluable tools & techniques that can be used for ANY type of birth, whilst sharing your journey with other lovely parents-to-be. Far from airy-fairy and with no weirdness included, this is a carefully designed programme incorporating real and honest insights to ensure that you and your partner will feel ready, confident and EXCITED for whatever labour and birth brings!  

So, what is it that will get you feeling so relaxed and empowered about birth?! A winning combination of:  

Simple but highly effective practical skills to practice at home:  

- Breathing techniques
- Deep relaxation
- Visualisation
- Tools to reduce anxieties and build confidence
- Magical pain relieving massage  

And vital knowledge:

- How your body is designed to give birth smoothly and comfortably

- Understanding of how the mind and body work together

- Physiology of pregnancy & the birth process

- How your partner can be your own personal superhero through ALL of it

- How the maternity care system works, and how to work with it to achieve the best outcome for you

- How to make safe, but personalised informed decisions

- How to adapt positively to a change of plan

- Writing your birth plan

Cost: £260  

Booking is essential and can be made online - just follow the link below for more info, dates and to secure your place with a £50 deposit...

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