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This Christmas, why not fund a SchoolBag and give the Gift of Education to an underprivileged child around world?

A short description of the charity:

School in a Bag is a UK registered charity, which was born out of the Piers Simon Appeal, a charity set-up in memory of our Founder & CEO’s brother who died in the Indian Ocean Tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004. School in a Bag distributes SchoolBags to poor, orphan, disadvantaged and disaster-affected children around the world - to date over 119,000 SchoolBags have been handed out to children in 46 countries. Every SchoolBag is new, individually numbered and trackable on the School in a Bag website - more often than not, donors are able to learn details and see an image of the beneficiary of their SchoolBag.

Description of a SchoolBag:

A SchoolBag is a simple solution, each filled with essential resources that will enable a child to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves, eat, drink and above all, learn. A typical SchoolBag contains: pencils, biros, colouring pencils, a maths set, ruler, pencil case, 6 exercise books, a water bottle and a LunchBox with Spork.

A SchoolBag can be purchased through the School in a Bag Christmas e-shop.  The cost to fund a numbered, trackable SchoolBag as a gift is just £20.00. Purchasers will receive their own SchoolBag Gift Card (digital or paper) containing the number/s of the SchoolBag/s they have funded. A SchoolBag can also be funded in someone else’s name, making it an ideal pressie, and with the Gift Card option as well, there’s still something to put under the tree to be opened on Christmas Day, or in email format to be sent to anywhere in the world…

School in a Bag Christmas 2020 - An education is for life, not just for Christmas.




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