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Visit Wookey Hole Caves and Attractions

Explore the astounding Wookey Hole Caves, amongst the most impressive in the whole of Europe.

Go on a self-guided tour through the caves in a journey back through time, including Chamber 20 which was blasted in 2019 to give access to an amazing chamber with previously unseen caverns and formations.

Oher attractions currently open:

★ Amazing Caves & Tunnels

★ Animatronic Dinosaur Valley

★ King Kong

★ Fairy Gardens

★ Cave Diving Museum

★ Cave Museum

★ Paper Making Demonstrations

★ Paper Making Museum

★ Vintage Penny Arcade

★ Pirate Zap Zone

★ Pirate Island Adventure Golf

Captain Jack's restaurant serves fantastic food, with something to offer for all be it for a cooked meal, light lunch or a snack. So much choice and great quality.

Wookey Hole has much to offer the family and is a great day out!

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Open hours

Monday10:00 - 17:00
Tuesday10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday10:00 - 17:00
Thursday10:00 - 17:00
Friday10:00 - 17:00
Saturday10:00 - 17:00
Sunday10:00 - 17:00