Re:Act presents 'Heroes of our Time'

Weston Super Mare




  • All the family
  • School age
  • Adults






The 2nd October 2071. Kings Cross.

The tallest buildings of London have fallen. The corners of the UK have been submerged underwater and now stand as plastic wastelands. The surface of London is dominated by unbreathable air, glass, rubble and the whistling of wind. Underground, the people have turned against each other; each tube station marks violently held territory.

Today we tell a story that we all fear may one day be reality: our children's dreams for their future are becoming nightmares.

This original production has taken inspiration from classical literature such as The Tempest, Lord of the Flies and 1984, using traverse and promenade staging to explore how climate change will shape the future of our world if we don't act now.

Immersive… engaging… you are the action…

This performance is both indoor and outdoor. Please be prepared for all weathers and to move to each location. The performance is suitable for all ages - chairs can be provided at each location. The performance contains flashing lights and loud bangs. 

November 13th from 7.30pm

Tropicana, Weston-super-Mare

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