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Mini Professors Cheddar!

At Mini Professors preschool classes, every class is different, with a completely new and exciting scientific topic being taught each week, so your little one (and you) can attend for 2 years and experience something new each week.

We cover everything from polymers to dinosaurs, maths to tropical rainforests and much, much more.

Target Age: 2 to 5 years (Preschool classes)

Our Mini Professors get to wear their own mini lab coats and learn about the basic principles of scientific experimentation, whilst having loads of fun and generally getting stuck in.

The children love to get involved in the experiments and it is a great opportunity to prepare them for preschool and school. Young children are so enthusiastic about science – they have inquisitive minds and they are not afraid to ask questions.

We encourage the grownups to join in too and carry on the learning experience at home with their children.

Classes are held at H&W Portishead on Monday morning.


  • Full term 10 weeks £60
  • Half term 5 consecutive classes £35
  • Pay as you go £8
  • Taster trial 3 consecutive classes £21

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