‘Down by the River’ Film Showing in Cheddar





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FREE evening film screening, exploring flood risk in Somerset & celebrating community resilience.

The new documentary ‘Down by the River’ is showing at Cheddar Village Hall, Saturday 12 Feb at 7pm.

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More info:
A FREE evening of film exploring flood risk in Somerset and celebrating local community resilience.

‘Down by the River’ is a new documentary filmed during the summer of 2021. Commissioned by Somerset Rivers Authority and produced by Somerset Film, this beautifully shot film reveals the hidden challenges of the local landscape and gives a voice to local volunteers, highlighting the extraordinary work they do.

The evening at the Village Hall will also include archive film of Cheddar and surrounding areas. Highlights of these entertaining and instructive local old films include historic events as well as local groups such as the Home Guard and fundraising carnivals. The films reveal how communities have responded, not just to flood risk, but the many challenges they have faced over the years.
This free event promises to illustrate how valuable the experience of the past is in responding to new challenges such as climate change.

Light refreshments will be available.