DO Try This at Home! Be an Art Spy with Brave Bold Drama!





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DO Try This at Home! Be an Art Spy with Brave Bold Drama!

A rare chance to work with The Company of International Artists (CIA), a highly secretive organisation of Agents all over the globe.
The CIA mission is simple: find hidden messages in art, transmit the messages in encrypted forms to other agents around the world, and make more hidden message art.

Agents Kahlo and Dali and their mobile HQ complete with phones, maps, art books and much more besides is coming soon to a farm near you!

A fine blend of art history, geography and hands-on creativity, the Company of International Artists is an improvised and interactive theatre installation by award-winning theatre company Brave Bold Drama.

There will be two sessions, each for a total of 5 households.
11am to 12:30pm
1pm to 2:30pm
Entrance is by ADVANCE TICKET ONLY only £2 per household.

Get your tickets HERE!

LOCATION: Paddington Farm Trust BA6 8JW

See you there!